Set backs

From great height, we fall

Yesterday was ticking along nicely and I felt on top of the world. Today not so much. I had two serious topics I had to face yesterday neither was foreseeable, that is life. However, I should have anticipated the blow of my own emotions, which I did not. More fool me.
This was the emergency pack moment I mentioned in the last post. I could have really used one.
How do I even out those kinks I feel? The tightrope I walk fearing the fall any moment now?

Even I do not have that answer for myself

I know I should not let myself be influenced by other people’s mood, which works mostly. Somehow mastering my own stability is a flaw or scar that has stuck. I am not sure how to manage this mental instability that creeps up when I get confronted with anxiety-inducing topics. I know there should be a solution but I am painstakingly blind to it. As you can see even I have my days when I believe I am over it and it creeps back in. This is the exact reason why staying on top and going to your appointments is so important. I feel the highs and lows on the rollercoaster are getting less and dips too. I am sure it is down to therapy. Though I had my moments of great doubt. I actually even got abandoned by 2 psychologists in that phase, but I gave it all the chances I could. As the fight is only for myself and I am worth fighting for even if some do not see it that way.

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#mentalhealthambassador All the ruminations on this page belong to moi. I am not a certified psychologist or psychiatrist. It is not my intention to force my opinions, ideals, ideas upon you or tell you what to do. This page was created to inspire you, enforce you and hopefully guide you. I am a on a quest to self-fullfillment for a happy, healthy, sporty and adventurous life. By being curious and open-minded I encounter myself, others and the world that sorrounds me in ever changing ways that inspire me. I would like to help reduce the stigma still clinging to mental health. The vessel I choose to transport my message is this blog. This Blog is love and a lot of soul. It is a journey through my realm. A soul striptease. My focus lies on a healthy lifestyle and the awareness movement. To see the change be the change!

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