Batteling oneself


Many of my friends and family know I have an assured technique of shooting myself in the foot. We all have patterns we learnt during life, some are given to us by our parents, some collected via experience and some are self-taught. I manage to manoeuvre myself into corners and places I did not want to be in. I had hoped for a simpler solution to erasing my patterns in relationships besides the ones implemented for my OCD. Seems funny saying that as I am seeing a cognitive behavioural psychologist. So why was I expecting a different solution? As there would surely be different methods like psychoanalysis to iron out the kinks in the fabric of my soul but then I would need a different psychologist. For those of you that did not know, psychologist is not psychologist. The range is big, as there is systemic psychology, behavioural psychology, psychoanalysis, to name a few. I will not go into to detail and start explaining the different lines of psychology and their backgrounds at least not in this post.

We all have patterns we learnt during life, some are give to us by our parents, some collected via experience and some are self taught.

Hope dies last

I tend to think far too far. I probably hoped for an easier solution as cognitive behavioural therapy seems to be easier to eradicate behaviour and not thoughts. It is basically nothing more than looking your fear in the eye. Confronting it,  staying in and embracing those feelings flooding in and know the curve of fear will eventually subside as nothing lasts forever. The only constant in life changes. Once you have accepted that concept there shall be no fear.

The real challenge will be how to reprogramme your thoughts. I mean it is not like a behaviour that you can train yourself to not physically execute. I get the part in facing your fear and/or feelings to releave the anxiety as the curve only last 3o minutes. Fear can not go on forever. It goes up, there is a plateau and then it sinks. With the onset of anxiety our normal behaviour mode would be flight, fight or play dead as defense left from animalistic nature. Which can be very helpful in alarming situations. Unfortunately in certain people (like me) the wiring can go wrong. I get all of that but I am still not quite sure how this concept of embracing the fear will work in rewiring my brain?

The only constant in life is change. Once you have accepted that concept there shall be no fear.

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#mentalhealthambassador All the ruminations on this page belong to moi. I am not a certified psychologist or psychiatrist. It is not my intention to force my opinions, ideals, ideas upon you or tell you what to do. This page was created to inspire you, enforce you and hopefully guide you. I am a on a quest to self-fullfillment for a happy, healthy, sporty and adventurous life. By being curious and open-minded I encounter myself, others and the world that sorrounds me in ever changing ways that inspire me. I would like to help reduce the stigma still clinging to mental health. The vessel I choose to transport my message is this blog. This Blog is love and a lot of soul. It is a journey through my realm. A soul striptease. My focus lies on a healthy lifestyle and the awareness movement. To see the change be the change!

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