When things come together

Are we not all looking for something?

Sometimes life works in mysterious ways giving you what you want but not when you want it. I do not mean that in a negative sense. There is a German saying “Good things take time”. I agree sometimes it is not the right moment and the more you try to force it the further from your grasp it travels.

Patience is a virtue but not mine

I have tried to force things to go my way the last 5 years resulting in mere frustration, not more. Letting things go and travelling through time focussing on my plenty endeavours, I stumbled across what I least expected to find. The missing puzzle piece. My friend thinks I am mad and thinks I should wait till the infatuation has worn off. Usually I would agree with him but however, this is one of the few cases I disagree.

Being burnt a lot in the past 5 years I have become very wary of people, their motives and how they behave. Getting Tindersurfed and dumped, as well as catfished, I have seen a lot for the short length of this year. I never gave up hope, as what would there be worth living for? Life needs hope and faith. I do believe that if you are good the universe will reward you. I have come across moments in my life where I had this gut feeling, this instinct, this knowledge that the universe would provide what I was wishing for.

Soul connection

There are people that you meet where you just connect on a whole different level. You feel comfortable around them. It is as if you have always known each other. There is no questioning the trust it is just there. No awkwardness, no questions, just two people stumbling across each other and realising that they universally resonate with each other.

Meeting new people is nice but some connections just go deeper. I believe it has to do with being in the same place in life, looking for the same things and both of you being open.

I have had issues trusting people despite having a good knowledge of the human nature and trusting my gut. If you want to find true connections within any relationship you have to let go of your fears, follow your heart and hope that the other will reciprocate. You need to find the trust within yourself that you know what is best for you and that your instinct is not letting you down. The more you trust in yourself the lesser the chance of failure, as you will not fulfil the negative prophecy, as there is none. The self-fulling prophecy is your biggest handicap. Believing things will go horribly wrong, they will leave you or treat you bad will lead to yourself behaving oddly, resulting in them doing what you feared and then you being confirmed in your belief. The beginning of a vicious cycle. Use the self-fulling prophecy in a positive context. So rather than following your mind down the rabbit hole focus on the good things, believe in yourself and the universe will provide.

No awkwardness, no questions, just two people stumbling across each other and realising that they universally resonate with each other.


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#mentalhealthambassador All the ruminations on this page belong to moi. I am not a certified psychologist or psychiatrist. It is not my intention to force my opinions, ideals, ideas upon you or tell you what to do. This page was created to inspire you, enforce you and hopefully guide you. I am a on a quest to self-fullfillment for a happy, healthy, sporty and adventurous life. By being curious and open-minded I encounter myself, others and the world that sorrounds me in ever changing ways that inspire me. I would like to help reduce the stigma still clinging to mental health. The vessel I choose to transport my message is this blog. This Blog is love and a lot of soul. It is a journey through my realm. A soul striptease. My focus lies on a healthy lifestyle and the awareness movement. To see the change be the change!

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