Getting what I want

Asking vs Demanding

What gets you further in life?
I have come to the conclusion even asking nicely will rarely get you the chosen result. So I demand what I want in a kind, polite but firm manner. It actually gets me mostly what I want. Unfortunately, I would be lying if I said that was the magic solution. Some people even seem resistant to that. Especially men need to be told in a direct manner what you want them to do, what you expect of them or else they go astray. Sorry guys this is not meant offensive, you just function and communicate differently to us. Less chance of misinterpretation for them. As a result, we women need to learn to grow a spine and work on our communication. Most problems in life stem from one person not having the courage to ask for something (mostly the female) and or the other misunderstanding but not trying to clarify when confused with what is at hand (male). Though this problem is not solely confined to this gender combination.


That is what communication should be – work. Choose your words wisely and think about what kind of message you want to convey and to whom. Training is of the essence so try to apply this to any part of your life. The more elaborate you master this task the more proficient you will seem not just in private settings but also when networking or doing business. So mastering the art of speech is paramount for all areas of life.


Anything you do, do it with confidence.
The best speech will lack in impact if the speaker has no poise. The way you carry your words is equally as important. It is after all the way you convey the message.


If you can prepare for a conversation then the golden rule is, always come prepared. It is very important as you will lead the conversation rather than follow, which means just by that small change you will automatically become more confident.

Mastering this or training

I have not quite got into the realm of communication. I think carefully about everything I say despite certain people having an opposite opinion on that, mostly as they might have received a blow. I apply the blows like art, that is one point I have mastered. When it comes to debating my friends claim I never miss a beat and always come prepared. So the current training field for me is demanding what I want and not being scared to be stern regarding this. This also helps impose my standards while simultaneously building my poise and getting rid off ill-intent male dating candidates.




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#mentalhealthambassador All the ruminations on this page belong to moi. I am not a certified psychologist or psychiatrist. It is not my intention to force my opinions, ideals, ideas upon you or tell you what to do. This page was created to inspire you, enforce you and hopefully guide you. I am a on a quest to self-fullfillment for a happy, healthy, sporty and adventurous life. By being curious and open-minded I encounter myself, others and the world that sorrounds me in ever changing ways that inspire me. I would like to help reduce the stigma still clinging to mental health. The vessel I choose to transport my message is this blog. This Blog is love and a lot of soul. It is a journey through my realm. A soul striptease. My focus lies on a healthy lifestyle and the awareness movement. To see the change be the change!

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